10+ Attracting Features For Travel App Development To Lure Travellers

Are you still not aware of mobile development apps for travel purposes? We have some amazing information that can grab your attention towards the traveling business

 The rate of traveling has definitely decreased amidst the COVID-19 but things are getting back on track.

Travelling is full of hassles but no need to worry anymore get onboard with A2 solutions now and get on the road to success in the mobile app development Dubai business.

The travel industry can see the scope in travel mobile app development. Such as contacting travel agencies, tourists, transportation, destinations, etc. The following are some of the key features to add in your travel app to provide the consumer with best experience.

Travel schedule generating app

This is the most important feature demanded by the travelers as it asks users to mention the locations that they want to visit and automatically creates a whole travel plan for them. This provides the user with an easy and comfortable experience of traveling.

Geo tracking location services

This is also an essential feature to add to your app this comes from a successful generation and well-developed integration of GPS-based location services. After reaching a certain location/destination the thing that the tourists would want to do it check in the particular place that they are in on different social media platforms. So your app must be able to track location and quickly come up with results to enhance the efficiency of the app.

Language translator

This in-app feature is extremely important in mobile app development Dubai since a person may be bilingual but still might be able to face issues while traveling communication becomes a barrier so this in-app language translator will help the easy exchange of information between the tourists and normal people

Currency converter

With the fluctuation rates in the economy nowadays it is better to provide your users with this feature so that they are not confused between how much to pay and what are the current exchange rates.

Time converter

Crossing time zones can create a lot of confusion, in the matter of tracking the exact chances in the clock times. It is a simple feature for traveling that is essential
Weather forecast
At this point in time when the weather is changing in different parts of the world, this feature can help you pack your essentials accordingly.

Location-based emergency services

One thing that is not certain is change and any problem can be a part of your tip anytime in such moments this feature will help you locate and also get hands-on with the nearby emergency services so that your issue can be catered accordingly and properly.

Trip reviews from other travelers

This will help the consumer have an amazing experience as their decision process can speed by comparing the reviews of different travelers who traveled to different areas their experience can also help you decide where to go.
SOS emergency tool
This is in our opinion the most important feature to be on any app with the world being a cruel place. God forbid, anything can happen anytime, adding this feature in mobile app development Dubai can help a few listed people notify when the person asks the app to this will also help to track down the location of the particular person.

Credit services 

When on a trip a person might exceed their budget so the app on their behalf can act as their bank on specific terms and conditions that are needed to be fulfilled by the user.
If not all of the features will help you gain amazing user experiences for your app with some highly favoring points when separating your product from the others. The travel app industry is said to have a skyrocketing future
Still worried about what to add to your app to make it a success. No need to worry anymore. Contact A2 Solutions today and stop worrying about your mobile development app in Dubai. Join hands with us today and provide your consumer with a high-quality amazing experience! Click now!

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