SocialDice: 10 Top Instagram Statistics That Marketers Need to Know

Instagram is one of the most highly anticipated platforms all over the world. Instagram is ruling people’s hearts and has reached over 1 billion users worldwide. The app is a hub for business activities and an entertaining platform. Since the app is dynamic, marketers should refurbish their strategies then and there. If they do, they might lose out on their potential customers. To make sure that yourself trendy on the platform, you should know the statistics correctly. When you plan to build your presence on Instagram, then checking out the statistics will help you explore more. 

The app has so many features embedded in it when it comes to . It includes reels, stories, posts, videos, etc. To get fame instantly, you can try using this feature. In addition, you can buy instagram reels views which shall have sky-high visibility. Further, by knowing the statistics, you can uplift your performance. In the below article, you can check out the most important statistics that make your account the best in the upcoming years. Let’s begin! 

Instagram Statistics of 2023 That You Need to Know

1. Instagram Downloads

Instagram has been downloaded 3.8 billion times and is truly a massive platform. It has an enormous reach within a quick time. As the number of downloads is vast, it shows the window for popularity and engagement on the particular platform. A large number of downloads will support effective marketing strategies. 

2. Instagram Users

Instagram is the most likable platform, where it surpassed over 1 billion users worldwide. It shows no sign of stopping. As per research, nearly 120 million people access the platform. Over the app’s development, you can see a significant increase in the user percentage. It is how the platform has reached the milestone. 

3. Instagram Photo and Video Shares

Nearly 95 million photos and videos are shared on daily. The competition on the platform is fierce. As there will be new uploads, then and there. One actively learning on the platform shall succeed easily. Instagram is an app that provides a massive potential for creative people. Similarly, continues to grow and expand regarding actual use and platform offers. 

4. Instagram Users Spend Time

The users hop on the platform, check on some posts, and hop off. The videos should be attractive and good if you want to stay on the platform so they will linger on it for a long time. Instagram users, on average, spend 30 minutes per day inside the app. If marketers get to know the statistics, then they may try to create more engaging content. Moreover, if you know the active time of the users, then you may post it at the right time, and the audience will also reach the target audience. Therefore, even the statistics will help to develop the marketing strategy. If marketers want to build their visibility flawlessly, then you should use SocialDice and strengthen your reach at a rapid pace. 

5. Listed on Google Query

When you check the results of what people search on Google the most, you might get many answers. Among that, took over 10th place as the most famous Google Query. It is an essential stat because it shows that the app has influence globally. So as the app has more popularity in Google queries, there is a high chance that your business will also get a global reach. Isn’t that what we all wanted?

6. More People Comment on Videos

As per a recent study, Instagram profiles had twice as many comments as posts. The engagement rate is higher in videos than the posts. The attention of the audience is going up year by year. Nearly 7 million videos had comments on . Constantly checking on statistics is a double benefit. It is more like analytics, but it is for the whole app. 

7. Instagram Demographic Statistics

More than half of the global users are younger than 34 years. Moreover, most active users are women. Around 52% of Instagram users are female, and 48% are men. Over 130 million people on are shopping on the platform and making purchases. The Instagram interface is quite good with the new checkout feature. 

8. Instagram Influencer Statistics

According to the stats, nearly $1.7 to $ 2.3 billion is provided to influencers. Moreover, more than 15 million partnership posts on Instagram are available. As per the research studies, the top 50 influencers have 7.2 billion followers in total. The rate of influencers ranges from $ 50 to $ 1 million for single sponsored posts. The top influencers post 6-7 stories every day. Besides this, over 55% of influencers use for their campaigns. In addition, 37% of users interact with influencers. 

9. Instagram Ads and Videos Stats

  • Collection ads increase conversions by over 6%. 
  • Furthermore, video ads are getting three times the engagement. As these ads are shown between the videos, they are fetching better engagement. Nearly 50% of Instagram business accounts have posted a story. 
  • Additionally, 40% of post stories daily. 80% of users are engaging with businesses. 
  • Around 70% of the highly used hashtags on are branded. 
  • As of now, has an approximate advertising reach of 928 million. 

10. Instagram Engagement Stats

Even now, Instagram is a highly engaging platform. It has excellent engagement rates among all other platforms. On average, the engagement rate is between 2 to 7%. Nearly 5% of accounts post once every day. Moreover, the accounts that posted 7+ posts per week will have the highest follower growth rate. Carousel posts also bring you high engagement rates. 

To Sum It Up

Millions of Instagrammers are flocking to the account daily. It has quickly grown as a trending app in social media. We hope the article covers all the statistics that are essential and must-known as a marketer. If you check on the statistics regularly, you can easily win the hearts and minds of the audience. Even you can try using SocialDice, which shall boost your content visibility. 

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