4 Things First Time Riders Should be Thinking About

There are different philosophies on learning to ride motorcycles. Depending on your attitude and what kind of motorcycle you first get onto, you might just convince yourself to never ride again. The best way to learn how to ride is to start with a machine that is easy to control, and then work your way up to the performance level you want to have.

That being said. Most of the things that appeal to people about motorcycling are not related to power, but the experience and the social aspect of riding. Very powerful motorcycles can be fun in the right conditions with the right gear and skill set to use that power. But beginners need to work their way up to that. There is no reason to think lots of horsepowers is necessary to have a great time. Here are some things to consider.

Riders Should be Thinking About

  1. What Kind of Riding? Do you know what kind of riding you would like to do? Off-road, cruising the city, touring? There are bikes specialised for all three modes of travel. But an off-road bike is not great for long tours, and some aren’t even street legal. City bikes, especially the race styled bikes can be used for touring, but they aren’t as comfortable on long distances, and they are terrible off road. Touring bikes can be billed as multipurpose, but they are usually on the big side for a beginner bike. A beginner’s best choice is a small displacement street bike that can handle a little rough treatment, Something like the New Honda CB125R at Wheels. This kind of bike can teach a rider what they need to know about riding on the streets, without the explosive horsepower that often gets new riders into trouble.
  2. How Much Do You Want to Spend? You can spend a tremendous amount of money on a motorcycle if you wish. But if you are a beginner, you should know that you will probably change your mind a couple of times before you find the right type of bike for you. It is best to start out with a budget bike and spend your extra cash on safety gear.
  3. Safety Gear: Every rider should wear all the appropriate gear, but this is even more critical for the beginner. You never know when you are going to need it, but road rash is no fun and head injuries aren’t a joke.
  • What features Should A beginner Bike Have? A beginner’s bike should be in perfect working order and be checked out by a qualified bike mechanic. Beyond that some of the things that would be helpful are antilock brakes and frame sliders, so you don’t do too much damage if you lay it down. The seat height of the bike should be low enough that you can get your feet down with enough pressure to be stable. Ideally the bike should be 250cc, or less displacement.

When approached with the right attitude motorcycling is an easy skill to learn, and it will not be long before you will have the confidence to move up to bigger bikes, not that bigger is always better. Keep your ego in check and realise nobody is ever really impressed with aggressive riding. Enjoy the ride and the friends you make, and you might become a lifelong enthusiast.

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