5 Great Business Website Design Examples to Follow

Your business website could make or break your success in the industry. In a digital age, we rely on online marketing and an impressive website design to draw in customers.

And these days you don’t have to be a computer genius to set up a website. All you have to know is what makes a compelling website design and follow by example.

Want to see some website design examples from companies that are tremendously successful online? Keep reading!

1. Soft and Simple

The soft and simple design is great for businesses in the health and wellness or beauty industry. These websites don’t overwhelm with tons of bells and whistles. It’s just the facts and they’re impossible to miss.

Take a look at this site made by Julia Clark, a home organizer. What better way to sell organization services than by using a simple, non-cluttered webpage?

Her website design is intended to make the audience desire a clean space. She does this not only with great pictures but also with the overall layout and style choices. She also features a chat function for interaction with potential clients.

For another soft and simple website design, check out this website for the balloon queen.

2. Futuristic

If you’re looking for website design tips for your technology company, consider bringing the page into the future. Bright blues, metallic silver, or a wash of neon make good color palates when selling tech.

Take a look at this example from Kraftful, a smart home device service. The screenshots provided show users what to expect before they even invest in the product. And even more clever is the simple lead generation form to schedule a call.

And if you’re really looking to make a futuristic impression, try something like Feed Music. Their website has animations and videos to draw attention and captivate visitors. It is also totally on-brand with what they do which is digital music technology.

3. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A first-time website visitor is immediately drawn to the first picture or image they see. So if you’re looking for website design help, start here. Can you think of a striking image that demonstrates what your product or service has to offer? Or why your business is unique to your competitors?

Whatever it is that you want potential customers or clients to know, try showing it in a picture rather than relying on them to read the text. You can see examples of this strategy on websites like Nueva for handyman service or Swiss Airlines.

A single image or. collection of images doesn’t have to be relevant to the product or service either. For example, World Financial Group features photos of what is possible when you experience financial freedom – travel to exotic places or more time spent with family.

So regardless of the industry, you can make images and photographs work for your website design.

4. Playful and Fun

Who says your website has to be boring and professional? Check out this website from Patty & Bun which uses wild animations and videos for an online experience you won’t forget.

Showing a more playful side of your business through your website design shows the character of your company. Obviously this is not well-suited for a law firm or doctor’s office website. But it could be the perfect way to show off your whimsical side.

For another great playful and fun website design, check out the wildly popular Ideo blog, The Octopus. They have great content and a well-designed, user-friendly website all named after their friendly mascot, Inky.

Food, music, art, comedy, and travel – all of these industries have room for a playful and fun website design. So if this is the direction you want to go with your site, commit to it and make it awesome.

5. Why Read When You Can Watch?

Consider a website design featuring video content geared towards potential customers. Websites can be designed to immediately start playing a video, or prompt a user to click the video to play. Either way, it’s an immediate attention-grabber.

You can use animated videos, like explainer videos to promote a product or service. Or, you can use live footage from satisfied customers. The style of video should work with the brand of your company as well as the overall message you want to get out to your audience.

Free video content, webinars, or interviews can also be incorporated to enhance the user experience. A website design with video is great for explaining how a product works, why people like it, or what makes your company unique.

If you are selling a personal brand, consider featuring yourself in the video. People want to hear from you before they hire you!

Making the Most of Your Website Analytics

Now you have an idea for your new website design or website design makeover. But how can you tell how users respond to the design? One way is through Decibel session recording which allows you to playback website session visits from real customers. You can use this data to determine what potential customers are most drawn to and how they interact with the site.

Tracking your lead generation can also tell you how the website design is working. Be sure to include some form of CTA for website visitors so that you can keep communicating with your leads.

Take These Website Design Examples and Go to Work

Your website is your own. And while these website design examples are useful, only you can choose what style is best to attract customers or clients.

Above all, make the website interesting and informative. Use your design to stand out among competitors in your industry. Be sure that the style and the information provided matches with the overall brand of your business.

Have fun with it! Try some things out, test the site, and continue to learn how to improve your website and grow your business!

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