Are online slot games easy to play?

Playing slot machine games used to be so simple, but these days it does not feel like this is the case. Slots are hugely popular online, and this can be quite intimidating for some people –

Old-school slot fans often think that online slots are much more complicated and sophisticated – is this the case, or are online slot games easy to play? It is a great question, and we have got answers – read on to find out more!

Setting up Online Slots – The Hard Bit

When people ask, ‘are online slot online games easy to play, they are usually referring to the gameplay mechanics themselves. However, we are here to tell you that the hard part is setting up an account on online slots. If you are technically savvy and have used online casinos or other websites that require sign-ups and payment, this probably will not present itself as much of a challenge. However, if you are an old-school slots fan with minimal experience on the computer, this could be quite difficult. Do not worry though – grab that tech-savvy friend of yours and walk through the following step-by-step guide.

–          Step 1: Do some research and choose the best online slot website for you

–          Step 2: Sign up to the website by entering your personal details

–          Step 3: You will need to verify your identity by uploading an image of your ID

–          Step 4: You will need to link a payment method to your account such as Visa or Paypal

Online Slots Gameplay – Is it as Easy as Old-school Slots?

In our opinion, the hardest part is already over. You have jumped through all of the hoops required to set up an account on an online slot website, so now it’s time for the fun bit. However, many people believe that the actual gameplay of an online slot is far more complicated than that of a land-based slot game. Whilst this can be the case, it is certainly not the standard. If you start playing a classic three-by-five slot machine like those found in land-based casinos, the gameplay should be familiar and easy to play. However, there are tons of alternatives available online that certainly make things more complicated. This includes:

–          Progressive slots

–          Slots with a variety of complex bonus rounds and features

–          Alternative slots types such as Slingo

However, all these types of complex slots can also be found at land-based casinos – they are just a lot more commonly found online. Therefore, we have to say that yes – online slot games are easy to play, especially if you pick a simple, three-by-five slot machine.

The Verdict

Overall, we have to say that our answer is yes – playing online slots should be no different to playing its land-based equivalent. Progressive slots and slots with bonus rounds will present more challenges, but this is no different to play the same slots in a casino. Ultimately, the hard part is just setting up an account on the website itself, but once you have done this once you can forget all about it!

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