Benefits of wearing an Emerald stone

A lot of people do believe in wearing gemstones. They believe that if they wear them then those can bring some positive changes in their lives. Also, it can help one to take some positive and right decisions in the coming days.

As per general astrological studies, there are particular 9 gemstones and they represent the 9 planets of the Universe. These gemstones are supposed to be worn by one according to their birth chart. Among the 9 popular gemstones, Emerald is one.

For many centuries, this particular gemstone is considered to come with some high astrological values. This is said to be a reflective stone and in India it is popularly known as the Panna stone. When it comes to Vedic astrological studies this planet is represented by the Buddha or the Mercury planet and this is also considered to be the planet of intelligence. This stone is mainly advised to be worn by someone whose position of Mercury is kind of weak according to their horoscope and birth chart.

If one goes deeper to the astrological studies, then this planet of Mercury represents sharp wit, humour, high grasping ability, knowledge, skills, ability to speak out loud and definitely confidence. Mercury also represents intelligence, success in examination and higher education. It is an auspicious planet for those who belong to occupations like authors news editors, media persons, writers, artists, chartered accountants and lawyers. If one has a very string mercurial position according to their birth chart then one’s life can be full of success and joy. But when one has a mercurial position, then there can be some dullness and anxiety in life.

Emerald is one such gemstone which has a strong significance according to both Western and Vedic astrology. This gemstone is advised to be worn by people who are born in the month of May because it is their birth stone. Emerald has a very vibrant appearance and it comes with a lovely aura. It consists of some distinctive qualities from the Mercury planet and this stone also contains some great healing properties.

Major benefits of wearing an Emerald gemstone

Health Benefits of wearing this stone

The Right Way to Wear Emerald

This gemstone is said to be an opulent one. This can provide the wearer with a lot of benefits. One needs to wear them on the little or the circular finger on their working hand. It must be worn with z golden or a silver ring. Before wearing a Panna stone one has to soak it in Gangajal for 10 minutes and then wear it. One also needs to keep the stone clean to get maximum benefits from it.

Before wearing Panna or any other gemstone it is much needed to consult an experienced astrologer. Not all gemstones are suited for everyone. One must wear gemstones as per their birth charts. One can always buy authentic gemstones from Khannagemsas they deal with the certified ones in the market.

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