Best paraphrasing tools for freelancers

Writing someone else idea in your own words is paraphrasing. Paraphrasing’s scope has increased in a while, and this happens because of the features it provides. However, in this article, we will discuss the top tools for paraphrasing that will help freelancers.

Before starting, you should know about who can use paraphrasing tools. This tool can be used by:

How are paraphrasing tools advantageous?

Paraphrasing tools are beneficial tools for organizing a website or writing content for it. It boosts your writing process, abilities, and saves much of your time. This way, you can generate unique and best quality articles without hiring writers or authors.

The tool can convert your old wordings into a new one, whether you are using it for official documents, personal use, educational or non-academic use.

One of the advantages of a paraphrasing tool is that it converts the plagiarized content into unique ones. It converts the simple wordings with their potential synonyms without worrying about the meaning of the content.

Most of the bloggers and freelancers use this tool to generate quick documents. Freelancer feels difficulty in completing their writing projects within a few hours or days. However, this tool takes seconds to make their work done.

1. (Free Tool)

When thinking of using a rewriter without paying, then comes in mind. It’s a free tool that requires no registration or subscription to use. This tool can be used by anyone, including students, freelancers, or bloggers, to provide equal benefits.

Most of the tools restrict the usage of words when using for free. However, this tool doesn’t have any restrictions or limits to use, which allows the user to use for unlimited times with unlimited document length. We have enlisted some of the keen features of this tool:


2.  Prepostseo (Free)

One of the efficient tools for paraphrasing any of the text is a paraphrasing tool by Prepostseo. It is entirely free and doesn’t have any restrictions on using it. This tool is developed through modern AI and the latest algorithms at the bank end. Through the sentence changer, you can quickly paraphrase your article that would be different from the original one.

The generated content is always free from plagiarism as well as it is usable at any platform. Here is the list of the feature of this tool:


It doesn’t disturb the meaning of the content, whereas the text is generated with a high readability score.

3.  SEOtoolsCentre (Free)

This is another paraphrasing tool that is valuable for freelancers. SEO tools Centre is entirely free for all while it provides 100% uniqueness. It’s swift to use while it provides a straightforward interface for its users.

Remember, the Artificial Intelligence of this tool generates high-quality content that is engaging and up to the mark. It doesn’t change the meaning or concept of the article; instead, it creates extra sentences relatable to the original concept. Here are some of the features of this tool:



4. (Paid Tool) is one of the best tools for generating similar content but free of plagiarism. This tool contains various features that make your content unique. It’s AI, along with Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes your content amazing for your use.

Here is the list of features about this tool:



There is currently only one package of this tool that would provide the premium version. This costs you $49.95 per month, whereas it provides various features.

The premium version offers automatic paraphrasing of your content, uses sensible synonyms, and supports all the languages. Word also offers their tool’s API that would be helpful for bulk use, such as school or institute use. The API is offered at $2 for every 10,000 words.


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