Buy Zippers by the Yard for Specific Length Zipper Needs

You have already gathered all the fabrics, trims, and supplies for your soon to be garment but there is still one thing missing. You have already gone from one fabric store to another but unfortunately, you weren’t able to find the perfect zipper length in the color that you need and want. Let’s face it, when your garment needs a zipper, chances are it is important for its overall functionality. This means that you will never be able to skip this one aspect.

But, what if the exact opposite happens? What if you were able to find the correct color in the correct style yet you weren’t able to get the correct length? Does it mean that you can just give up on the color for the length and settle for the next best thing in another color?

Even though you might assume that this is your best choice, the good news is that there is a much better way. When the color and style of the longer zipper is a match for the specific item or garment that you are planning to sew, you can just buy the zipper tape by the yard then shorten this at the comforts of your home. After all, if your goal is to achieve a professional finish, a zipper in a different color can be an obvious indication that things didn’t really go well during the making process, except if it is obvious to be intended that way.

Choose the Correct Zipper Length

Before anything else, you need to determine the specific length of zipper that you need for the sewing project. Stick with the recommended length if you are following the instructions of a sewing pattern. Now, if you will be the one to figure out the length of the zipper yourself, you need to consider the darts as well as where the most form fitted part of the garment is. To get the best results, the opening of the zipper must extend beyond the dart vanishing points or the most fitted spots of the garment.

If you will sew a body contour or form fitted dress, for instance, the zipper must go beyond the hip’s widest area so that the garment opening will work properly. Considering all these important factors, you should measure the seam that will soon house the zipper then take note of the area where the opening of the zipper should stop. The seam should be measured on the paper patterns directly since this will allow a more accurate flat surface and offers and easier way of tracking of the garment’s widest areas an darts.

Buy the Best Zippers by the Yard

Since there are times when there is no way that you can tell the length of the zipper that you need, it is always recommended for you to get zippers by the yard. The best thing about these zippers by the yard is that you can just cut them down to your desired length and use them on your projects accordingly.

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