CBD Oil and Tincture: Know the Difference

Our consumer-based free market economy tends to generate a lot of choices. Pepsi versus Coke. Ford versus Chevy. Marlboros versus Camels. The rapid rise of CBD products is no different, and it’s important to understand what you’re getting when you buy it.


At the supermarket, we are besieged with rows upon rows of branded products, and it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference, and so we just resort to buying the one that had the most memorable television commercial. (Yes, I bought my air fryer mostly because it was advertised by a pretty actress with an adorable accent.)

CBD Oil and Tincture:

The drugstore shelf may have dozens of different brands, but choosing one you trust, which your friend recommended, or which has the best advertisement with the most well-known spokesperson isn’t the only choice you need to make. Many of those bottles look the same but contain completely different types of CBD product. CBD comes in many different formats, and newcomers may sometimes get them confused. CBD tinctures and CBD oils often come in the same type of dropper bottle, but not understanding the difference between the two may mean you’re not getting the most out of your purchase.

CBD in a vegetable oil

Simply put, a CBD tincture is CBD carried in an alcohol base, and CBD oil is CBD in a vegetable oil or glycerin base. One is not necessarily better than the other, but how you choose to take it may make all the difference. A tincture, because it is not oil-based, is better for mixing with foods, fruit juice, soup or even in a cocktail. CBD oils may tend to have a stronger flavour. CBD oil may be better if you’re looking to vape it – although the best way to vape CBD is with a pre-mixed CBD vape juice or a pre-measured CBD vape cartridge, already mixed with your choice of flavour. CBD tinctures are less ideal for vaping since they do include alcohol.

There is a difference in how each is manufactured, but the process will not necessarily affect the quality, strength or potency. CBD oils use a CO2 extraction method to pull CBD from the hemp plant, and then infuses it with a carrier oil. Tinctures on the other hand, are made by steeping the hemp flowers in pure grain spirits, and then heating it slowly to vaporize most of the spirit.

Tinctures may also have a cleaner taste, as opposed to the more bitter flavour you may experience with a CBD oil. However, many manufacturers of CBD oils have recognized the taste profile may not agree with everyone and have added a variety of flavours to their products.

You can however, take either one under the tongue, although a tincture may give you a more pleasant experience if you do so. Under the tongue is one of the fastest ways to get CBD into your bloodstream, outside of vaping.

We should say a word about carrier oils here, since there has been some confusion about carrier oils when used in vaping. EVALI, a lung disease that was initially thought to be caused by vaping, was discovered to be the result of vaping bootleg THC, which used vitamin E acetate as a carrier oil. Commercial CBD oils will not use vitamin E acetate.

Regardless of whether you choose a CBD oil or CBD tincture, both are equally effective with only subtle differences between the two. A CBD oil may be slightly more potent than a tincture, but the oil tends to be more expensive than the tincture, so on balance, it’s about the same value for your dollar.

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