Choose the Perfect Sunglasses According To Your Face Shapes

Compared to the 18th century, when sunglasses were first invented, these sun cheaters have come a long way and set themselves as a brand ambassador for eye accessories. Coming in different shapes and sizes, each and everyone can find a custom design for themselves which best suits their face type, and sharpen or soften their features. From prominent figures to ordinary beings, each and everyone has found this fashion accessory to be a compulsory need in their wardrobe. 

Let’s take a look into what type of sunglass is most suitable for which type of face shape:

  1. The Aviators.

Also known as Pilot Sunglasses, they have a distinctive shape having a contrasting colour rim around the lens. Since they would protect the eyes completely, the pilots would wear them back during the day, shading their eyes and vision from the sun. The lenses happen to be either smoky or reflective, which go for a bold and formal look.

The type of face most suitable to pull off an aviator will have to be a V-Shaped or a long face. Although there is no restriction on suitable face shape, aviators happen to be the most versatile type of sunglasses suiting every shape. The features of the person wearing it will look much sharper and overall serious, too, thereby maintaining the professional standard.

  1. The Wayfarer.

The wayfarer designs are patented by the company Ray-Ban and can match with any face shape or size. Their adaptable look makes it easy to carry in over any formal outfit or a casual evening. The square lens and thick signature frame make it distinctive enough to know and understand from afar what the wearer is wearing.

The type of face most suitable to pull off a Wayfarer design can range from a rectangular face to a square or an oval face. This unisex design adds a dapper look on an individual’s face, making it elegant wear.

  1. The Butterfly.

With wings-like lenses and a thick frame to compliment them, the butterfly sunglasses are large and oversized. Covering most of the face, it proves to be a great protector from the sun and keeps the eyes safe. The butterfly design is mostly focused on women having a long oblong, or triangular face. They turn out to be a unique choice since it is seen making a bold statement, and not everyone can pull this off. Women in the entertainment and fashion industry wear these lenses more often.

  1. The Cat Eye.

Catering to the female gender, the cat eye is a retro design mixed with chic old school glamour. The style was carried in the ‘50s by Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and was revamped for the 2000s with feline prints for the modern woman. A round or oval-shaped face cut will be most suited to pull off a cat-eye sunglass. Although, a woman having more distinguishing features will be able to carry it much better.

  1. The Clubmaster.

Another great style introduced by the company Ray-Ban, the Clubmaster, is the third most common style in sunglasses after the Aviator and Wayfarer. Designed to suit almost any face shape and size, these sunglasses are available in a variety of colours and combinations. The Cubmaster suits a rounded, rectangular, and triangular face type. It also makes a round face shape look more admirable and slightly wider, presenting the on-looker with a fresh outlook. It blends well with business attire to pull off a more distinctive look and stand out from the crowd.

  1. The Shield.

The shield is one of the most daring sunglasses. These sunglasses have a unique feature, which is to cover up most of your face and protect you from the sun. The “arms” of the sunglasses are wide enough too to protect the ears. They are most favoured during the summer season and can give a wholesome view to the wearer.

Ideally, the most well-suited face for the shield is the Oblong type, as it helps to soften the features of the face. However, a diamond or an oval face cut will work well with it too. The shield gives more focus to the jawline since that area is most visible. It exhibits a more futuristic look and is great for the modern woman and man who wish to be one following the fashion trends.

  1. The Geometric.

The geometric frame is a vintage collection mixed with a slight hint of the 90s. They come in all shapes and sizes and mostly feature light coloured lenses which are presented either in a solid or a gradient shade. It shows off a chic look and is a patent summer wear.

Since it is available in all sorts of colours too, it all depends on what look the wearer wants to present. These sunglasses suit a rectangular, heart, inverted triangle, and an oval face type. They come under a casual trend and are suited to be worn for events like a date, or a family reunion or even kitty parties. To buy the best sunglasses for your perfect face, visit LensKart. You can even shop from their online store. Make sure to look for LensKart offers before making any purchase.

  1. The Sports Sunglass.

Sport sunglasses cater to a different segment of people altogether. The main function of these sunglasses is a utility rather than as a fashion accessory. Certain distinctive qualities make it suitable when playing any rigorous outdoor sport such as cricket, football, golf, polo, or volleyball. The reliability on these glasses is high since it is glare-free and because it is made from sturdy lightweight materials to provide great comfort and safety.

These glasses are designed in such a way that no matter how unique the face shape, these glasses will wrap themselves around the face to make it look exceptional. They generally work in favour of round, heart, and diamond-shaped faces giving a smart and stylish look.

In the 20th century, sunglasses have become an everyday time, not just for its utility but as a fashion accessory too. There are sunglasses for every mood, occasion, celebration, and face, and any look is incomplete without the right set of shades.


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