Congratulations! 5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Family Events and Milestones

When milestones come, it’s time to invite beloved family members for one of the best family events you’ve ever hosted. Milestones like graduation, weddings, and promotions demand celebration.

But beyond a fancy cake and some streamers, what else can you do to make a family celebration memorable? Keep reading to find inspiration for a memorable party.

Provide Special Meals

Studies show that scents and memory are intertwined. If you want to remember this family celebration, you need to infuse it with the scents and tastes that people will remember. We’re not just talking about throwing some hotdogs on the grill, but plan special foods around the people you’re celebrating.

Begin by thinking about favorites. What is the celebrated party’s favorite food? Then build the menu around that base.

Also, consider your heritage. Is there ethnic food you’d like to bring in that helps family members feel at home? Weave these flavors into the menu.

If you don’t like to cook or the idea of a hearty menu intimidates you, then look for a caterer who can meet your desires like Expensive Chocolates. There’s always someone who can cook the foods you want.

Revive Family Traditions

When your family member hits a milestone, go back to remembering family traditions. Begin by thinking about your heritage and the traditional ways that your family has celebrated. Then plan the celebration around these special events.

Celebrating family means remembering the things that make your family unique. So, if your family has a Hispanic background, for example, then bring out the paper lanterns and pinatas. Consider all aspects of the celebration from food to activities to decoration, and make them reflect your family.

Create Keepsakes

When something big happens in your family, you want some kind of memorabilia to help you remember the event. Furthermore, you want others to remember it with you.

Something like custom coins that have the event, date, and circumstances stamped on them will help all parties involve remember the special date. They can treasure memories every time they lay eyes on those coins.

Organize a Drive-Through Parade

Even in our age of separation and social distancing, you can celebrate milestones as a family. Begin by making phone calls or creating an announcement on social media. Then ask loved ones and friends to drive by your house on a specific date at a specific time with signs and decorations celebrating your family member.

Then, on that date, gather your closest family members with your memorable meal and own decorations, and prepare yourselves for a drive-through party. The number of people who drive by, honk, and celebrate will surprise you and will honor your entire family.

Create a Live Video

What’s your loved one’s favourite song? Ask friends and family members to video themselves lip-syncing the song and then send you the video clip.

Then splice together clips of several friends and family members singing the song. You will honour your loved one and celebrate the milestone well with such a fun video.

You can even hold a watch party after the fact or show the video at your family celebration. Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when you show the video with all of their favorite people singing their favorite songs.

Celebrate Family Events Well

Family events should create fun, positive memories. You can steer your family event in such a way as to create these memories by doing any one of the activities listed above.

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