Good riddance of the “Dad Bod”!

Following a popular TV program, the waist size needs to be less than 50% of your height. For example, if a person is 6 ft in height, his waist needs to be less than 36 inches. If you are unaware of your waist, all you have to do is bring out the measuring tape and measure away! Perhaps, you sport a waist larger than 50% of your height; maybe it is time to get rid of the Dad Bod. The slight additional padding in the middle region needs to be part ways, and here are a few simple ways you can achieve it.

Avoid unnecessary uncontrollable stress 

It is a difficult situation when you have to make food decisions under stress. And you do not always make a wise choice. It is so because people tend to opt for comfort food items high in calories when they are under stress and give lesser attention to the amount they consume. Moreover, to top it all, the hormones connected to the stress inhabit the body and result in a bloated belly.

However, stress is part and parcel of life. Thus, it is essential to learn how to keep stress controllable. The most common ways include exercising, meditating, yoga and attentiveness. Commit to something that makes you feel restorative.

Be careful about your eating habits

White pasta and items made up of bread are simple carbs and directly make up the dad’s body. Therefore, it is essential to avoid white food items and opt for rich fiber and protein food. Intelligent food choices include fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, and white meat. In white meat, you can choose tuna and chicken breast.

Control your beer consumption

Nothing compares to a chilled one. You must emphasize the part where it mentions “one” and resolve to stop right there. Abdominal obesity is often called beer belly, and it has its reasons. Avoid the second beer offered, and stop falling for your beer desires.

Water: your best friend

Keep a pot of water handy, and drink through it the entire day. Dehydration is the leading cause of slow metabolism. And slow metabolism is what results in weight gain. Further, dehydration itself is another cause for weight gain, as thirst often gets mistaken as hunger. It then results in the consumption of excess calories that your body does not need.

Get a good night’s sleep

Similar to that situation of stress, it is difficult to make smart food decisions when hungry. Matters get worse with lack of sleep, as it results in cravings for carbs. You can already imagine all the carbs, including the beer, bread, and pasta, directly moving forward to your middle. It is vital to get adequate sleep to keep the cravings at bay. An approximation of 7-8 hours of sleep is best. Limit your technology usage at least 60 minutes before you go to sleep. The sleeping hormone melatonin is affected by the blue light emitted by your gadgets. Inadequate amounts of melatonin production get directly connected with heart diseases and obesity. can help you reach your goals and get rid of the dad bod in no time. Contact them today.

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