How Does Artificial Intelligence Help To Fight From (COVID-19) Pandemic?

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that enables machines to interact and operate as humans. The device with the help of the technology fuses with the real world environment helping it to take actions or act in sync with the real-time situation. Artificial Intelligence services are not constrained to one particular sector but can be seen utilized in various industries including defence, healthcare, lifestyle, retail and entertainment.

Artificial Intelligence is also used in disaster and risk management and hence is actively used in the fight against the deadly epidemic of 2020 named coronavirus. From sensing the spread of COVID-19 to alarming the nations, screening symptoms and spreading awareness amongst the people, transporting essentials and in the development of drugs and vaccines, artificial intelligence is used in every phase in the fight against the virus.

Investing in artificial intelligence to streamline the working mechanism and making the operations efficient with the help of AI service providers can take your business to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence And The Fight Against Epidemic of COVID-19

Artificial intelligence as technology has evolved over the years and has affected the way humans work. In the healthcare sector, talking specifically about the situation like the outbreak of epidemics and dealing with its consequences, it is now much more comfortable to tackle the case with the help of artificial intelligence. This potential has eventually led to an increase in the demand for AI service providers to help you incorporate AI in your business.

  1. Role in predicting the outbreak of epidemics: Artificial Intelligence can play a vital role in informing about any future pandemic. Prior information can help us to take preventive measures to minimize the destruction caused by the outbreak.

For example- BlueDot, a global artificial database company on 31st December 2019 after diagnosis sent warnings to its users.

  1. Research and Development: Artificial Intelligence apart from alerting from the outbreak of pandemics can also be helpful in the research and development of drugs and treatments against viruses and diseases at a much faster pace.

For example- China was able to create the genetic sequence of the virus in a timeframe of one month in comparison to how it took several months to develop the genetic sequence of SARs virus back in the year 2003.

  1. Assist healthcare practitioners in reducing fatalities: The fusion of technology can help in many ways. It can ensure fast mobility of emergency vehicles as seen in many parts of the world.
  1. Educating citizens and spreading awareness: It has also been noticed that Artificial Intelligence is being used to spread awareness amongst people for the appropriate precautions to take to avoid contamination. 

Also, in case of accidental contact, people are educated on how to disinfect oneself and to analyze symptoms before they suspect themselves of being infected and approach the healthcare specialists.

  1. Active Supervision: With the help of the technology, the government can keep an eye on the residents whether appropriate protocols are being followed or not. People abiding by the imposed lockdown are easily supervised with the help of drones in many parts of the world.
  1. Self-driven cars: Artificial intelligence can be used for transportation purposes in dealing with emergencies. Using self-driven vehicles will eliminate the need of the driver preventing risking its life and ensuring safe mobilization of patients and essentials.
  1. Drones for delivery: Drones can be used for the delivery of essentials and medicines which will avoid human contact and keep a check on the spread of viruses.

For the reasons mentioned above and many more to be listed, artificial intelligence plays a significant role in disaster and risk management, healthcare as well as in the security sector. You can also contribute at the tough times of outbreak of deadly virus corona and serve the citizens and the nation with the help of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Now when we have discussed how significant is the Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and risk management sector and is being utilised in the fight against COVID-19, let us have a look at some other applications of the technology-

  • Artificial Intelligence is extensively used in analyzing consumer behavior and recommendation of products and services.
  • It is used in the marketing sector and helps to deliver personalized messages on a large scale.
  • The technology is also used for addressing customers grievances in the form of automated chatbots and telephonic assistance.
  • Artificial Intelligence can ease up the process of KYC by aiding in the transfer of the data through multiple systems and streamlining the process.

Cost of AI solution for your company

The cost to develop an artificial solution for your company or an advanced project like the integration of artificial intelligence with robotic process automation can cost nearly about $6000 to $300000 that includes everything from consultation, development and rollout of the plan. Depending on the usage type, the cost estimate can further be bifurcated into two branches that are either the third party AI solution is required, or a custom AI solution is needed.

The third-party AI solutions can range up to a maximum of $40000 (approximate), and the latter that is the custom AI solution can range up to $300000. No matter the platform for which the AI solution is built for, it increases the efficiency and accuracy of the employee or enhances the customer’s experience in the other case.


The Artificial Intelligence revolution is one of the most vital human replacements ever introduced. It not only replaces the burden on humans by doing the analytical and diagnostic work but also executes the work maintaining accuracy. 

The technology is helpful and is being successfully incorporated in the banking and finance industry, healthcare industry, defence, data collection and management, aeronautics and also in the products related to ease the lifestyle of common people. By incorporating artificial intelligence solutions to cater to your business needs, you can optimize the operations for enhanced efficiency.

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