One Piece Filler list – How Much Filler is One Piece?

The main character of the series is Monkey D Luffy, A boy who is on the adventure to find the treasure “One Piece” to become the next Pirates King.  After eating the Devil fruit Paramecia, he gained rubber powers within his body.  

More than 900 episodes based on different sagas and arcs are aired by the Toei Animations including both Manga based and also contains a less amount of one-piece filler list. One-piece filler list contains a lower number of filler episodes compared to others. 

What are the fillers?

The filler is the non-canon materials added within the series Exclusively, it may contain an arc or saga or numbers of episodes. Fillers are used to growing the main-storyline distinctly. Both visually and narratively fillers are lower in quality that’s why some people want to skip them. But not all fillers are bad, it might have a huge fan following. It is created to outpace the Manga.

This guide is about One Piece filler list, so you can find out what episodes are there in One Piece filler list, and skip his to get if you want original canon content.

How much filler is One Piece?

One Piece is one of the most famous anime series. Despite being one of the most amazing series, One Piece also contains filler episodes. But One Piece filler list has a lower % rate of about 11 %. One-piece series contains over 900 episodes, and, amazingly, One Piece filler list is contained of only 103 episodes.

Filler episodes are not as bad in the One Piece. There is also a huge amount of fan following of arcs in One Piece filler list. But there is also the community of the people who don’t want to see these filler episodes because they want original manga content, They want to skip filler list whether it is One Piece filler list or other anime. In fact, they have a fever of Manga.

That’s why we created One Piece filler list for you so you can choose what episodes are there in One Piece that are marked filler and skip them.

One Piece filler list:

Following is the One Piece filler list (purely filler) so you can check them out and skip them.

  • Filler episodes in Apis Arc: There are 8 episodes in this arc from Ep 54 –Ep 61. Apis arc is also referred to as Warship Island Arc. In this arc, Luffy saved a little girl name Apis from the Marines and also helped her dragon to fly again.
  • After Alabasta filler list: This arc added 5 episodes in One Piece filler list, from 131-135. This is the post arc when the crocodile is defeated by the Luffy and the kingdom named Alabasta was saved by him. 
  • Goat Island Arc: Right after Alabasta Arc, the One Piece filler list is again started from the goat arc (ep 136-138). These filler episodes are about the goat and an old man. Luffy helped the old man to get rid of the marines who want to attack his goat. In fact, the goat was everything to that old man, and Luffy saved that poor goat.
  • Filler episodes based on Rainbow Mist Arc: This arc contains filler episodes from Ep 139-143. Episodes in this arc are all about the land Ruluka. An old man was trying to decode the information about the rainbow mist to save his childhood friend trapped in it. But the straw-hat pirate wants to rule on the land.
  • G8 ARC (After skypiea): Luffy and his crew were trying to escape the marine base where they were accidentally trapped due to the falling of the ship. They were hiding at a various place to save their lives from marines, Luffy also wants to save the Merry before going out. This arc is full of thrill and is based on 12 episodes addition in the One-piece filler list from Episode 196-206.
  • Ocean Dreams Arc: In this arc, Luffy lost his memory in his way to water seven. The only robin has not lost his memories because of not getting the night sleep. Now they have to fight against a creature to get their memories back. Ocean dreams covered a portion of 4 episodes in One Piece filler list from Episode 220-224. There is also a surprise battle between Luffy and Zorro in this arc, so it’s worth watching.
  • Competition between foxy and straw hat: This arc is based on the battle between Foxy pirates and straw-hat pirates. After returning, Foxy pirates start the competition against straw hat and defeat. This arc contains episodes from 225 –226.
  • Hunters on the ice Land: Story of this arc is about the people living on the ice land, they hunt pirates and take their flags. Aquino family attack on the straw hats ships and take their flag. The flag was taken back by the crew without Luffy getting to know about it. This arc took 11 episodes 326-335. This is a straightforward 11 more-episode addition in One Piece filler list.
  • 5-star Island arc:5-star island originally named as Spa Island. Luffy and his crew stopped them to relax themselves but they happen to meet two sisters who are working on their father’s projectile helps them to complete their father’s research. Spa island arc contains two filler episodes from 382-384. But at the end of this arc the island which was known to be an island for relaxation was converted to ruin.
  • The Blue Island Fillers: Little East Blue island arc consists of One Piece filler episodes from 426 to 429. Largo pirate’s evil planes are stopped by the straw hat pirates in this arc. 
  • Vice president’s daughter’s ambitious: Luffy helped the daughter of a vice president named Momanga to free the innocent person captured by the Manga. Episodes from 575 to 578 in One Piece filler list are from this arc.
  • Filler based on Ceasar Retrieval: In the One Piece filler list, this Arc contains episodes 626-628 and is about the person rescued by Luffy and Law from the Ceasar.
  • Silver Mine: In the Episodes 747-750, Luffy was trying to escape the Island with Bartolome.
  • Marine Rookie Arc Filler: On the way back from Sanji to big Mom, Straw hat decides to steal the food from marines because they are out of food and have nothing to eat left. Episodes are counted in the One Piece filler list from this arc are 780-782.
  • Carbonic Acid King Arc: In the One Piece filler list, these are the current filler episodes. In this arc, Luffy with the help of Boa Hancock defeats the bounty hunter to get the cola supply for the ship of straw hats because they are out of cola supply.
The dialogues, the stories and the actions created in One Piece is absolutely the work from genius. Once Rorona Zoro said “you want to kill me? You couldn’t even kill my boredom”, you can estimate even from this dialogue how good it is created. It is the reason it is one of the top anime series in history. Above is the One-piece filler list which is purely filler means that no content of these stories is related to the Manga.

Should you watch One Piece filler episodes?

To be honest, It’s up to you whether you want to watch it or not, But if you are the person who is watching One Piece for the first time, it’s really hard for you to differentiate between filler and canon, you may realize that the episode you watched was filler after watching it that’s why I discussed the One Piece filler list in details above. But if you are watching the One Piece, you notice that it is interesting and you will definitely go back to watch non-canon episodes too.

In my opinion, you should not skip any episode of One Piece, it contains many interesting arcs whether it is from One Piece filler list or canon both are amazing and you will enjoy it. The non-canons arcs like G-8 arc, the hunters’ arc, Ceasar Retrieval, and Carbonic acid king, also discussed in the One Piece filler list section, are worth watching and full of thrillers, actions, and excitements, you should not miss it.

Despite One Piece filler list which is pure filler there are also mixed fillers in One Piece. Below is the description of mixed fillers.

What are the Mixed fillers episodes of One Piece?

Mixed canon/filler episodes are those which contain the content from the manga but also contain a part of the filler. So, it is worth watching. I recommend watching these episodes to avoid any keep yourself on track to the main story.

One Piece anime series is highly viewed serious and one of the most encouraging anime series across the world. 

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