Many of us have dogs, puppies who live rent-free on our homes. As time passes, they become a part of our daily lives, and we become very emotionally attached to them, and you want to give them the world and want what’s best for them. The same goes for their health and lifestyle. We see our puppies grow up to become reliable dog. And in their crucial puppy stage, if one wants to give them the best puppy food out there. It is not like having a puppy or dog at home is time-consuming and a waste of money. Having a pet at home comes with many benefits.


Having a pet at home comes with so many advantages that one might think were impossible. They help decrease cholesterol levels and manage blood pressure if one is playing with their pet. Pets can make you feel accompanied and help manage depression. They make us genuinely happy and help keep a positive state of mind. You will notice that when you are sad, your dog will come to give you company and sit with you. It will make you happy too. They can be your best friends who never complain and are the most loyal beings on this planet. It might even drive one to think whether they deserve such a good soul by their side.

If you have a puppy or are planning to get one, then here at Frontier Pets from Sydney, you can have some of the best puppy food you can get online. We even provide tips, tricks, and videos to help your dogs adapt to their new surroundings and learn new things.


A puppy usually enters a new home when it’s about 6-18 weeks old. Any breeder in Sydney will inform you what they have been feeding the pup and slowly and gradually change your pup’s diet to what you want to feed it. If you directly change the entire diet, it might not prove to be beneficial.

The best food to give your puppy is the highest quality commercial kibbles. These commercial kibbles ensure that your puppy gets all the required nutrients while growing up. Make sure that the kibbles are designed for only puppies. You can add cooked meat and rice, but the primary food item should be the kibbles. Raw diet might not be the best since their immune system is not developed to take in the bacteria and come back unharmed. Keep in mind that puppies are still growing, so they need food at regular intervals. So feed them a small-meals from time to time.


Some things are a total no-go when it comes to feeding your dog at any age.

  • Chocolates, dogs are very attracted to the smell of chocolates, but it is toxic for them. So, make sure that you keep chocolates out of their reach. Onion and garlic cause the blood cells to rupture while causing oxidative damage, leading to anaemia.
  • If you want your dog to live a healthy life, Citrus foods are the essential item to keep away from. It can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and depression of the central nervous system.
  •  Fatty foods, if you want to maintain a healthy diet for your pet, make sure to keep these away, too, because fatty foods can lead to pancreatitis.

Always take advice from your vet as to what you should feed your dog. Their health is one of the essential things, and anything can cause a problem if not taken care of.

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