How to Create Pillar Content Google Will Love 2021

To build an organic and enormous crowd on your site, everyone follows some standard rules set by GOOGLE. Now there are several things that Google loves. For example, mobile conformity, fast-loading sites, and making your content informative and critical. 

These are the basic things on which google wants users to be taken seriously. 
As we move forward, there is one more thing that Google needs the website owners to focus on. And that is “The Pillar Page.” Many of you might be familiar with what they are, but no one is aware of why it is such a big deal. Or how do they work, and what is their significance? 

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First, let’s learn what a pillar page is. 

A pillar page is a base page or a foundation page that unites all the categories and securely connects all of the other content on the website. 

It is a series of content that helps identify the site’s best work. As now you are familiar with its meaning, bring the light to how does it work? 

How Does A Good Pillar Page Benefit Your Site on Google?

Well, the main work of a pillar page is to clear the content cluster from the site. And it is done by building around one pillar page, which other targets several related but more securely focused pages—still baffled about it.

Take this as an example – you have a site providing digital marketing services. The page on which you will be telling everything about what type of services you are providing will act as a pillar page. And the services such as SEO, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing would be the cluster content that would be segregated and interconnected with the pillar page. 


The benefits of The Pillar Page- 

  • The pillar page would systematically be managing your content, which will help people surf/ browse much more smoothly through other content. 
  • A legalized SEO benefit for your website by binding your content together typically. 
  • It helps not confuse the Google algorithm with the clutter topics, which also helps justify the clustered topics through the pillar pages. 
  • Effortlessly helps in determining the exact meaning of what the content is about. 
  • Finally, it helps to rank your website because of the organized content and helps the visitors navigate the topics easily. 

As you are familiar with the benefits that a pillar page has. Ever thought about the components that your pillar page needs to work on? What kind of factors and measures you have to cover? The below-given information will help you find the exact elements to create pillar content, which Google will love.

Step #1 – 

Thoroughly check all the topics for which you want your website to have a good ranking position. Make sure to select those topics which provide neither too narrow information nor too broad topics. And the creation of the content does not have to be limited at all. 

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Step #2 – 

AS you have already picked the topics, now choose the unique yet trending keywords that you want to target. If you want to search for the most popular and used keywords for your topic, you can easily visit the Keyword Tool to analyze the ongoing search trends on Google. 

The keyword tool helps by using the google auto-complete feature in it, which results in creating several long-tail keywords for your topic. One can easily use it for content creation, SEO, and other marketing services

Step #3 –

This step will direct how to make a blueprint of your pillar page. Check out the points given below- 

  • Begin with a splendid yet informative introduction. Do not make it ordinary and regular. Experiment with your introduction to grab the attention of your visitors. 
  • Make sure not to level down the quality of your content. The pillar page is more like a primary page for your site, so do not comprise its quality. 
  • Create it in such a smooth manner that it could be easy for the people to scrutinize the topics they searched for. 
  • Instead of providing long lengthy texts, make sure to give lots of links to the topics related to that content. This way, it will make it much more absorbing and will provide a start to engaging traffic. 

In conclusion, You finally get to know about one more thing that Google loves. And is also aware of the importance of pillar pages and how to google dotes on the ideal Pillar Content. 

Author Bio: Mandeep is the ideator of Strivers Edge. He manages product roadmap and business strategy along with digital marketing. Before Strivers Edge, he has led products teams in developing state of the art web and handling various marketing projects of different companies.

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