How To Figure Out Your ADU Development Cost

Building an ADU for the first time can be a confusing process. However, there are a multitude of resources available to you to make that process as easy as possible. They detail out how to build it, who can help, and what materials to use. Luckily for you, this short article is a great resource to help you figure out your ADU development cost.

Figure Out The Details

Every ADU has its own set of costs associated with it. It is very unlikely that your ADU will cost the same as your neighbors or friends. That is why you need to figure out some important details about your ADU before you can make a cost estimate.

Type of ADU

Before you can build an ADU yourself, you need to know what type of ADU you are going to build. There are four main types of ADUs.

  • Garage ADUs
  • Detached ADUs
  • Attached ADUS
  • Internal ADUs

Each type has different costs associated with building it. A garage conversion ADU is the cheapest to build typically and the detached ADU is the most expensive.

Location of Build Site

Where you plan to build the ADU will also greatly impact costs. At the building site, can you easily connect electricity and install running water? Is it very rocky and hard to level? This all needs to be taken into factor to determine costs as well.

Detail And Size of ADU

Finally, you also need to take into consideration the size of the ADU. The bigger the ADU, the more expensive it will be to build. With that being said, the more detailed the ADU, the more expensive it will be as well. If your plans call for difficult designs, this will be more costly to build.

Four Main Costs

Once you have the details figured out, you can start taking into consideration the four main costs of building an ADU.

  • Design and Planning
  • City fees
  • Construction labor and material
  • Finish materials

Design and planning usually ranges from $6,000.00 to $14,000.00. City fees are usually between $3,000.00 to $11,000.00. Construction labor and material are usually $175.00 to $300.00 per square foot. Finish materials are usually $50.00 to $75.00 per square foot.

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