Kratom Effects – Does Kratom Get You High?

Kratom!! The evergreen herb is primarily used to treat fatigue and boost energy among the farmers of Thailand and South Asia. Initially, the farmers of that area used it for the treatment of dizziness among them. They chewed the leaves or took them with tea to extend their working tenure without any dizziness.

However, when it is used with intentions to abuse someone, then the results are worse. Even around the planet, it is the third most abundant abused drug. Hence, proper care must be considered for the reason to stop being disrupted due to the Kratom. Henceforth, we have mentioned the ways of how these drugs can affect you when you are abused by it. 

Effects of the Kratom 

When it is taken for the lower doses, then the effects retain for almost ten to fifteen minutes. These are perfect for boosting energy and enhancing alertness. In addition to this, when the results lead to the two to three hours, then the effects are different. All of them are associated with lessening pain, combating depression, and other diseases. Hence when it is taken into dosage that is not recommended from any medical expert, then it creates the addiction to itself, or the person will be craving it more.

How will this abuse work?

The working of the herb is like the pain morphine is relating to the brain receptors. Henceforth they produce the flood of neurotransmitters which enhances the morphine, which is suppressing the depressing feeling. Moreover, two chemicals like the 7-α-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine; which affects the pain sensation, lower the sad feelings and other after reacting with the brain receptors. 

Can it take you high?

Mostly when it is consumed at the lower level, then the results are primarily soothing without any side effects.  But when they are consumed at the higher levels then for sure it will take you high after producing some of the more top side effects. These side effects primarily include the hallucinations effects. Moreover, it can also create the results of the dizziness. Other than that, it will make you the effects of nausea or the effects of confusion. Moreover, they may create the impact of respiratory consequences as well. On the other hand, it can also be the reason to develop seizures in one’s mind. 

What are the higher doses of the kratoms?

The initial lower levels of the herb last for up to ten to fifteen minutes, however when the doses increase up to the four to five hours, then the results are more lethal. Therefore, more prolonged effects can consume the worst effects despite treating them. 

Is it illegal to sell and consume 

Kratom is available in 45+ states  of the US and legal to sell and consume. Due to the adverse effects it is illegal in some of the states and you might not be able to purchase kratom pills online.

However, there is no scientific proof of such claims. but still, due to its addictive effects, it is also illegal to consume drugs, marijuana and narcotics. These are some of the policymakers and other agencies who are making it illegal to use. However, one can not ignore its positive side in one’s mind. 

More side effects of its long-term abuse

When the drugs are taken for about three to thirty years, then the results are lethal. The opposing sides of the kratoms when it is used for the longest time are primarily the: the dry mouth, the frequent urination, rapid shift in weight loss and others. 


All in all, the Kratom can indeed make you high when it is not taken according to the doctor’s advice. Thereby do not consume it without any prescription. 

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