Mark Roemer Oakland Discovers How to Feel Like a Celebrity with These Home Improvements


A lot of us have spent most of our time in our homes and continue to do so. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, when you stay in your home for most of the time and don’t have a lot of places to spend your time, it’s time for some home improvement. These home improvements will make you feel like a celebrity:

The Improvements

1. Vanity mirrors – You may have seen them at movie sets if you’ve ever been to one and they have been portrayed time and again as a mark of honor for celebrities throughout pop culture. As the name suggests they are a prop for celebrities before and during a photoshoot and can also be used for ogling at your gorgeous self all day.

However, they serve more than aesthetics. You can place them in your bedroom or over the bathroom sink. Apart from taking selfies, you can use them for any sport of daily grooming and doll up yourself properly before an important night. After you’re done with that you can also use them for an Instagram photoshoot with your smartphone.

2. Home Theatre – The movie theatres have been closed for quite a while and even Hollywood has been forced to release new content on streaming platforms. However, none of that brings the movie theatre feel. You can set up a scaled-down version of a movie theatre with a home cinema system. You can go all out and buy an 8K 75-inch television along with a 3D surround sound system and a few luxury seats.

If you want to achieve similar results on a budget, you can set up a blank white screen, with a projector and an existing speaker system. Set up your couch and a few bean bags along with your favorite snacks and best friends and you’re ready to enjoy the best streaming services have to offer.

3. Walk-in wardrobe – A regular wardrobe with a few drawers gets the job done for most people. But to feel like a celebrity, you need a walk-in wardrobe. Most celebrity homes have a large dressing room with a handsome collection of luxury brand watches, suits, dresses, gowns, stilettos, ties, and more. You don’t need to go bankrupt with the same wardrobe collection. However, getting ready becomes more enjoyable with a walk-in wardrobe. As long as you have some extra space in the bedroom or a closet area, you can make it happen without breaking the bank.

4. Install a bathtub – Real estate prices are high, and people don’t get to live in big homes like they used to. So, most people opt for a shower to make more efficient use of that extra space. However, if you have a bit of room to spare, consider switching it to a bathtub. Soaking in the bathtub on lazy weekends with a refreshing drink and a magazine is the picture-perfect celebrity moment.

Conclusion Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use these home improvements to make yourself feel like a celebrity

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