Market social media and Traffic Graph



What is Market Social


Market Social Media have also known (Social Media Marketing) is the Strategy that is used to
increase the views and clicks on the Posts and media Shared on Social Media


Examples of Social Media




Facebook is one of the Most Famous Social Media Platform and
also has the highest Traffic In the World Web a quick estimated figure is 2.6
Billion Active Users


After Facebook
is one of the Most Famous Social Media Platform and Entertainment platform, I just can’t
imagine a world without YouTube almost all of the videography Community earns
from here it
also has the highest Traffic in the World Web and it has Almost 2 Billion Active
Users In this year (2020)



Who Don’t know about WhatsApp, it is the top Communication Platform on the Internet and is Very
Secure platform and in this year its Active Users Also Crossed “2 Billion”

FB Messenger

What’s a Social Media Platform without Messaging options Just like Facebook
Instead of adding a messaging option on Facebook, they Created (Developed) another
separate Platform For massaging and name it Facebook Messenger and it has 1.3
Billions Active



is very Famous Among Young generation and it is mostly Use by Models and it is
great for Marketing Instagram have almost 1 Billions Active Users


There are many more Platform but these are the Ideal Places For Marketing 





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