What Order To Watch Fate Anime And Which One Is The First This series top 5 point to follow

What Order To Watch Fate Anime?


In the list of anime series, Fate Anime is one of the top-rated series with a massive fanbase ever launched and it is worth watching. But with different fantastical releases launched over the years, it becomes an overwhelming task for the viewer to cover it through different alternative realities. 

 I’ll explicate the approach, that how I got into the franchise, But how to watch the fate anime series that might be a little confusing at first glance today I’ll be demonstrating how to get into the fate franchise So let’s start with what this series is all about and even revealing that there’s one big clusterfuck, fate is a thoughtfully started as a Japanese light novel written by ‘ kinoko nasu ’ and a part of the overall tight moon universe.

What Fate Anime Series All About?

Fate Stay Night 1

The Fate Anime Series is radically in a sense, a death contest for seven masters and seven servants team up in teams of pairs one mage and one servant it’s a fight to the death the last one standing gets the holy grail a mystic item with the capability of granting any wish possible but here’s the catch the servants are ancient personages by utilizing the ultimate Magic.


One of the most powerful servants of all the time is the Gilgamesh, this is where fate anime Gilgamesh started in a contemporary look, he was also titled as “First fate hero”. visit here

Fate Anime Watch Order:


Getting back to the main context, Let’s get to the watch order and also review the fate grand order anime, Here’s a tip; You don’t have to watch the 2006 adaption of Fate “Fate Stay Night”, this is probably the worst version in the series, Si save yourself from the headache and I won’t be included on this list at all.


The 2006 versioLet’s start with the list:n includes carnival phantasm as well which is just humorous little shorts which are part of the sh*tty  2009 adaptation.


There are a total of 14 titles in this series including fate anime Gilgamesh, Watch order start with the Fate zero.

  • Fate Zero

Fate Zero is the dramatic story to the unblemished light novel story and it’s the first segment of the series to be acclimated into an anime series by Studio Global and the animation is creatively designed by master artists but animations side the storytelling is the focal selling point of the story without spoiling anything you’re gonna fall in love with the majority of the cast.


The best part of fate/zero is that there’s no one antagonist or protagonist, every person just wants their girl for their own reason not saying that everyone in this story is a good person But it can be said that each character is interesting in their own right.

The overall Fate Zero season consists of 25 episodes and available in both subbed and dubbed.

  • Fate Stay Night Unlimited


In the fate grand order anime, you want to go straight to fate stay night unlimited blade, that’s how the series works, but here’s an essential factor, It’s the series, not the movie, you may find Fate Stay NIght Unlimited the movie is basically not worth-watching and just waste of time. 


The Fate anime series, the unlimited blade works as the unpretentious sequel to fate/zero picking up ten years after a holy reward. The overall season consists of 26 episodes, both subbed and dubbed.


The story is more focused on two main characters this time which is Osaka best girl fight need to ensure Lamia rather than an exclusive cast of characters like fake zero this is the prominent story of the fate grand order anime where you’ll meet most of the poster characters you see, probably broadcasted ubiquitously.


Here’s an unbelievable thing about the fate anime series is that this story does have

two other ultra burdens do the actual observable novel having three separate routes.


  • Fate Apocrypha

Fate Apocrypha takes place in its own separate universe yes we have alternate universes but Fate zero and unlimited blade works are better introductions to the Fate anime series anyway But Apocrypha is an alternate universe like I said before where instead of teams with two fighting over the world it’s two crews of fourteen seven mages, mage and servants on each,


introducing you to a whole lot of new cool servants the fate anime series has to offer that you don’t really see that much the Apocrypha is a good watch and a pleasing way to dive more into the mythology of the fate company Plus John and Mordred are in it and they’re both best girls fight me. This season consists of  25 episodes both in dubbed and subbed.


  • Fate Extra Last Encore

Fate Extra Last Encore has to be one of the most incoherent ones which place in another alternate universe is the feature where humankind has been inserted into a supercomputer and known as the moon so they only for our protagonist to get out of the moon as the worker’s way up the floors defeating other masses. 

And their servants with his own server thoughts ensuing the holy breath war that’s going to much of what moon logic is just known as the basic structure of the fate anime series this season is 13 episodes and is both dubbed and subbed.


So, You have already managed to get this far, by now you are already submerged into the fate anime universe. So for the remaining series need not be sorted as you’re able to watch in whatever order you see fit these series includes alternate stories, more alternate universes OVAs, spin-offs, and a lot more, which make overall the Fate anime more worth-watching.


Let’s summarized a few things up and make you conveniently get an idea with an informative hierarchy of fate grand order anime.

List of order to watch fate anime:


Fate Anime order (1-4) is recommended to watch sequentially while 5-9 can be watched in any order.

  • Fate Zero

  • Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works (The series version)

  • Fate Apocrypha (A.U.)

  • Fate Extra Last Encore (A.U.)

  • Fate/Stay Night: Heavens Feel

  • Fate Prototype

  • Fate/Kalied Liner Prisma Illya

  • Today’s Menu for the Emilya Family

  • Fate Grand Order First Order


The Fate Grand Order anime mentioned on the 9th point is worth-watching as recommended, while the other listed under the fifth point can be watched in any sortings.


Fate anime series is pretty impressive and consists of many different realities when merged together makes an unimpressible collection of cleverly written incoherent stories.

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