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Phone Master. The best app you must have in your Android to make your Android function smoothly and faster. If your Android becomes slower and slower with time. Then you must have this fantastic app with you.

What is Phone Master?

Phone Master is an app designed to keep your Androids clean and tidy. It is basically a cleaner app. But, in addition, this performs several other tasks that indeed helping in the proper maintenance of the device.

Is it Free?

This tool is completely free to use like Clean Master App. The app is free though it provides tons of benefits to the users. There are some advertisements popping up from time to time due to this free nature of the app. But I think it doesn’t matter a lot as it helps for the upkeep of many aspects of the Android.

What are the uses of Phone Master?

As mentioned already the app plays a great deal in cleaning your Android. What? Cleaning? Yes. Of course. As we are cleaning each and everything we possess we need to clean our Android too. Not only the exterior. But need to clean the interior aspects also in order to uphold a better functioning.

Cleaning: Cleaning implies getting rid of unwanted things. As per there are some unwanted files store up in our Androids too. They are from various sources. Some of these junk files are cache files, Cookies from websites, app files which are using when downloading and installing some apps and etc. Sometimes some files used by the app uninstalled apps can still present in the device. These are residual files. We need to get rid of these files too. To delete or remove all the above-mentioned files, only one tool is enough. That is Phone Master. With one or two clicks you can eliminate all types of junk files within few seconds. Phone Master acts very effectively and efficiently when cleaning our Android. You can have a better free storage space with this cleaning process. More room for important files.

CPU cooler: If the temperature of the CPU increases above the optimum temperature, then it will affect the functioning of the battery and also the Android. Whatever the time when the CPU temperature increases the Phone Master app will take necessary precautions to cool down the temperature. The app hibernated high battery draining apps and other useless apps that run in the background. This process ultimately leads to cool down the CPU.

Battery Saver: As the app hibernates all high energy consuming apps and other unnecessary background running apps the battery percentage will not drop for quite some time.

AppLocker: There is an option that allows you to lock some apps. This aids you to protect privacy.

All the above measures as a whole aid to boost your device. You can do many things using your Android. without getting memory full or slow. The app is becoming popular among Android users including Android TV. Use Filelinked application to download cleaning tools for your TV box. all over the planet as a measure of boosting, cleaning of the Android, and as a privacy protector. For free Android apps and games visit

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