Recent Technological Advancements in Online Gambling

Technology and the internet have transformed many business models worldwide and one of the biggest winners has got to be online gambling. With only a smartphone and an internet connection, we can now place bets, play poker or slot games online 24/7 instead of having to visit a bookmaker to place a bet, a brick and mortar casino to play a card game or a bar with a pull tab machine.

However, it is not only the instant availability that makes online casinos so popular but a bunch of other things as well – and we are going to discuss these technological advancements with Canadian iGaming expert Conrad Brennan. Conrad knows the Canadian online gaming business inside and out and you can read more about him here.

Mobile technology

Today, in Canada, almost every adult person owns a smartphone. Phones are getting bigger screens, more powerful processors and larger memories so we are able to do a lot of things on them. Lots of people play video games on smartphones whereby they can play on the go without having to compromise on the quality of the game. Casino gambling is also on the rise and in fact, by 2020 more people played casino games on their phones than on their PCs.

Online casino operators mobile-optimize their games and provide their own casino apps that are user friendly and easy to navigate. You can now easily play your favorite slot while sitting on the bus or have a game of poker in the office on your lunch break. Games have excellent graphics and they can be as immersive as a video game. According to statistics, many Canadian adults spend over 4 hours per day on their smartphone during which time a lot of gaming can be done and casinos will obviously benefit from this.

Cryptocurrency deposits

Many people find gambling an attractive and exciting option for spending their free time, however, some are wary of giving their payment information and personal data to casinos. Others don’t want their bank or family to know they gamble online. Online casinos quickly recognized the possibilities blockchain technology can provide in this regard and started to allow people to make Bitcoin and other crypto deposits.

Crypto transactions are anonymous and the technology is decentralized. Some casinos even allow people to make crypto deposits and play without even registering on the site. But apart from the anonymity, cryptocurrency transactions are also very secure and are very difficult to hack.


Online gambling used to be a solo pastime and so was computer gaming. However, in recent years multiplayer games are becoming more and more popular. This encourages social interactions and people feel connected to other players when they play multiplayer games.

Making games available for multiple players is one of the most important technology development in casinos and has been a definite success. You can play poker with your friends or chat with other players while playing bingo. Some like to participate in tournaments and hope that their names will make it to the leaderboard.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has been around for a good few years now and is getting more popular in online gambling. The only limitation is the relatively high price of the headsets. But those who invested in a VR headset say it is all worth it. Certain casinos offer VR games. For example, you can play poker alongside other people and see their avatars in 3D. You can also play different slot games and walk around a virtual casino floor observing other players. It is incredibly immersive and it is also a social experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

Predictive analysis

Online casinos collect player behaviour data so that they can customize their players’ gaming experience. Artificial intelligence remembers what decisions you made in which situation or what feedback you gave and it can tailor and streamline the service it offers you next time. It also helps the casino develop new games and optimize the existing ones.


Online casinos use the latest technology to make the gaming experience as effortless and immersive as possible. They aim at providing a safe and fun environment that is user friendly and quick to access.


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