Rhyperior (Gen4 Pokémon) | Stats, Weakness, Move-sets, And Shocking Facts

Check Rhyperior Incredible Movesets and Vulnerability

Rhyperior an amazing pokemon of Gen4, also known as ‘Drill Pokemon’.Did you know the origin of its name is taken from rhino ( large African mammal) and superior (dominant, this, and many more will be discussed in this guide?.

The main series of rhyperior v when challenging in a towering figure was show, it was under the ownership of Palmer. Then there was a match conducted between palmer and Rhyperior recklessly defeated the Grotle. Then it was reappeared during the end credit of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

In this guide, we’ll explore the move-set, abilities, and superb skill-set of this amazing rock/ground type pokemon. Using its amazing skill-set, it can be used to defeat any possible enemy .let’s see how?

What Type Of Pokemon Is Rhyperior?

Type: Dual ( Rock/Ground)

Rhyperior is an enormous, earthy dark Pokémon with two horns: one on its nose, and another above it. The upper horn is more modest on a female Rhyperior. It has a club-like tail and its stowaway is halfway covered by orange, rough plates. 

It has a sharp edge like projections on its elbows and has openings in the palms of its hands which functions as a gun or a firearm. It additionally seems to have two thick, rectangular rocks over its eyes, looking like weighty eyebrows. Garchomp is also a Gen 4 pokemon and rival to Rhyperior.

It can embed rocks and stones into its arms through the openings in its grasp and afterward shoot them like slugs, as seen with its previous mark move, Rock Wrecker. 

Nonetheless, it will every so often embed and fire Geodude or Roggenrola unintentionally. Rhyperior has an extremely hard carapace; it can endure volcanic ejections and divert approaching assaults. This can startle the adversary before it drills into the enemy. Rhyperior lives far up in the mountains.


Pokemon GO has various Rhyperior mega evolution sprites that may include un-introduced versions also. But we’ve discovered the 2 versions of him below:

  • Normal:
Rhyperior , Rhyperior movesets, rhyperior weakness

The normal sprite of this pokemon has an ark grey purple body with an armor of brown colored. The abilities of this guy are amusing and later on, we’ll discover these movesets in this guide.

  • Shiny:
Rhyperior , Rhyperior movesets, rhyperior weakness

Rhyperior shiny variant has yellow armor over a light grey body. This variant is rare.

Let’s explore more about Rhyperior and it’s evolution cycle.

Rhyperior Evolution:

The family of this pokemon is of 3 pokemon evolution. Based on the level this pokemon can be evolved into a much stronger and superior form.

Base Form ( Rhyhorn):

Rhyperior , Rhyperior movesets, rhyperior weakness,Rhyhorn

The “Spike Pokemon”, Rhyhorn was introduced in generation one.WIth 1 m of height and more than 100kg of weight, this guy can perform lightning rod and rock head. One of its hidden abilities is reckless.

2nd Form ( Rhydon):

Rhyperior , Rhyperior movesets, rhyperior weakness,Rhydon

Rhydon was also introduced in Generation 1 and is the evolved form of Rhyhorn. After reaching level 42 of Rhyhorn, then it is evolved in Rhydon. Even in Gen 1, Rhydon holds a stat of 45.

Final Form ( Rhyperior):

Rhyperior , Rhyperior movesets, rhyperior weakness

The final form of the family is the one and only Rhyperior. This form can be equipped after protector trading holding. This guy has many reckless abilities to crush enemies in no time.

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Rhyperior Pokemon Movesets and Weakness:

Following is the detailed information of the Rhyperior movesets and other weaknesses.

Basic Stats:

Rhyperior smogon is a dual-type ( Rock/ Ground) pokemon. With 115 hp and 140 attacks, it is a more offensive type of pokemon. It has a large range of incredible abilities to destroy the enemy. These abilities and explanative stats are summarised following.


CategoryDrill Pokemon
AbilitiesLighting Rod/SoliRecklessRecless
Buddy Distance3 km
Capture & Flee Rate5%
Max CP3733

All Moves:

Main moveDamageEPSDPS
  Stone Edge100-43.552.2
  Skull Bash130-32.341.9
  Rock Wrecker Elite TM110-13.936.7
  Frustration Shadow10-16.55
  Return Purified35-47.150
Mud-Slap  188.615.4

Weakness and Resistance:

Check the following table for weakness and resistance. We’ve measured all of this and featured them in a table.

Vulnerable to:

Waterdeals 256% damage.
Grassdeals 256% damage.
Grounddeals 160% damage.
Icedeals 160% damage.
Steeldeals 160% damage.
Fightingdeals 160% damage.

Resistant to:

Normaldeals 63% damage.
Rockdeals 63% damage.
Flyingdeals 63% damage.
Firedeals 63% damage.
Electricdeals 39% damage.
Poisondeals 39% damage.


Rhyperior is a special pokemon, In this guide, we’ve featured everything we know so far about this amazing guy. Geodude shoots at a rare time is another amazing fact. Like that all movesets and skills are featured in this guide.

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