Should You Use Geometric Design In Your Business Logo?

A business logo is the face of the company that people use to recognize it. The aim here is to remain as unique and identifiable as the logo could be. But how are you going to have a unique and fresh look of your logo when you stick to limited logo design options?

Try geometric logo design and be unique, creative and recognizable amongst the competition!

There are brands who took help from geometric shapes and became a hit due to their unique business logo design. And it is, now, your turn to benefit from geometric shapes just Pepsi Co., Northwest Airlines, and Ubuntu did.

Come, let’s examine what objectives can you achieve by opting for a geometric logo.

Looks Classy

One of the features of a great logo is that it looks classy in every angle and at every surface. One of the reasons to opt for geometric logo designs is that they give a classy look. They add the wow factor by maintaining your company’s prestige.

A geometric logo is designed layer by layer and has a depth that instills such professional feel in its overall appearance that glorifies your company’s brand image. The color combination, the systematic arrangement of shapes and the relation of each element makes it look perfect that is a good thing from your business’s perspective.

Creates Connection

We seek connection in everything then be it a business logo!

One of the benefits of using a geometric pattern in your business logo is that you can very tactfully include a special message into your logo. This inclusion is what makes it special for your audience and gives them a clear perspective about your business once they pay a little attention to the detailed work your logo designer has done.

A theory suggests that the C locks Chanel’s logo are basically the initials of Coco Chanel and Arthur Chapel (a founding member of the company). And such connections are a wonderful way to regain the buzz about your brand.

Adds Clarity

When you opt for geometric logo design, you can expect a clear and clean logo to represent your business. Look at big brands (who used geometric shapes) like Adidas, Spotify, and HBFC and you’ll discover how effortless they’re. One doesn’t need to consult a design expert for cracking their meaning, just a glimpse you understand what they’re implying with their logo.

Adds Symmetry

If you want your logo to be in proportion, you may use geometric shapes for achieving that effect. The best example is of Northwest Airline that uses geometric shapes to make the N and W prominent yet the whole logo maintains the symmetry that you want in your logo.

Looks Unique

One of the essential qualities of a business logo design is that it looks unique!

You may take help from living organisms or maybe incorporate animal’s shapes yet you can achieve the unique look in your logo just by using geometric shapes. You, very smartly, include one of the essential ingredients in your logo to make it look great.

Brand Recognition

Whenever you look at 4 squares making a big square, you instantly understand its Microsoft’s logo, right? Despite using the basic shapes in their logo, they achieved brand recognition via their business logo. And this is the kind of advantage that you can have, too, when you opt for geometric logo design for your business.

We hope this comprehensive list is enough to convince you for trying geometric logos. Comment below and let us know about your views for using geometric shapes in your business logo.

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