Tips for a Sweet Valentine’s Day at Home

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, but with the global pandemic continuing and finances tight for many people, this year, plenty of couples are considering ways to celebrate the day of love from home rather than being out and about. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration and ideas to have a great day from the comfort of your place, read on. 

Make a Meal Together

If you want to stick at home rather than go out on Valentine’s Day, you’re going to need to eat. Rather than ordering takeout or having a grazing platter, as much fun as those can be, why not spend quality time together cooking? You could have some fun going through recipe ideas to work out what you want to make and come up with a fancy three-course meal to whip up together. 

If you love traveling together, you could even set a theme for your meals and how you dress the table and yourselves for the night, such as French, Spanish, Italian, or Moroccan. This adds even more novelty to the proceedings. Another option is to recreate a meal from a favorite dinner you remember having together as a couple in the past. Either way, take a few photos on the night that you can look back on later and remember fondly.

See this cooking night as an opportunity to try some new dishes that you can add to your repertoire moving forward, to spice things up. It’s also a way to spend some special time together in the kitchen that you may not always be able to fit in when you’re flat-out week to week. Put on some tunes and brush bodies as you move about the kitchen, and you’re sure to feel in a romantic mood in no time!

Learn Some New Cocktail Recipes

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It’s also fun to try out some new cocktail (or mocktail) recipes on Valentine’s Day. Pick out a few drinks you’d like to try and stock up on plenty of ingredients for them and then have some giggles mixing and sipping the concoctions as you go. Learning a new skill is an enjoyable thing to do together and gives you some ideas for drinks to serve at your next dinner party with friends or family.

Use some cocktail books or online recipes for a basis for your creations, or check out mixology and bartending videos on YouTube and elsewhere to pick up tips and ingredient combination ideas from specialists. As you mix and try on the night, why not also come up with a signature cocktail for the pair of you to make as a couple? You might come up with your own spin on a classic drink or create something completely different. Be sure to give it a fun name that relates to your own or something special to the pair of you. 

Play Some Games

Game night is fun with a group of people but keep in mind that you can have a blast playing all sorts of games with your partner, too. Pull out some of your preferred board games or hunker down with a set of cards and challenge each other to some good-natured gaming duels during the night. 

It helps to choose options that are perfect for two players, such as Scrabble, chess, Rummy, Jenga, baccarat. Or, you might even get sexy by playing strip poker or some other cheeky version of a game that you put your own twist on. You might set up some bet-like conditions, too, whereby the loser of each game has to give the other a shoulder massage or make them a drink or do some other task that you can get playful over. 

Do Your Own Fashion Show

When we’re with our partners for a while, the spark can sometimes dim a little, and it’s easy to take the other person for granted. If you want to keep the heat alive and remember to appreciate your partner and all their sexiness, consider putting on a fashion show at home on Valentine’s Day. Take turns dressing up in sexy outfits and strut along a make-do runway in your living room or hallway. 

You might like to go out and buy some new outfits to surprise each other with, too, to spice things up. Plus, consider starting the fashion show with more layers and ending it with fewer pieces as the night progresses. You could purchase some sexy lingerie sets to show off and make like a Victoria’s Secret model or even do a bit of a striptease or dance for your partner as a little bonus to go with the fashion show. 

Get Creative with Arts and Crafts

Another Valentine’s Day idea for you is to get creative as a couple with some arts and crafts. There are many ways you can go about this. For instance, you could buy a body painting kit, or even make your own, and get naked, pop some paint on yourselves, and roll on a canvas to see what develops. 

Or, you might like to create a scrapbook or put together a photo album full of pictures, souvenirs, and other bits and pieces from your relationship. This kind of project is a sweet way to document your time together over the years and get yourselves a wonderful keepsake to prompt fond memories and discussions. 

Have a Spa Day Together 

Have you and your loved one been crazy busy without much respite for weeks or months now? If so, an excellent way to spend Valentine’s Day together could be simply relaxing. You could develop a spa day program for the two of you to do together at home to pamper you both. 

For instance, have a bubble bath together, put on some face masks, give each other a massage, rub oil into your bodies, and so on. Pop open a bottle of bubbly to enjoy as you relax, and you’ll soon be feeling refreshed and blissed out, and ready for the weeks ahead. 

Make Some Future Plans

While Valentine’s Day is the day of romance, it can also be a day where you recommit to each other or commit fully for the first time. If so, you might consider using this special day to make some short-term or long-term plans together. For example, you could have some fun working out which vacation you want to go on next and mapping out an itinerary: research beautiful places to stay, sites to explore, restaurants to eat in, and more. 

Alternatively, you could sit down and write up a bucket list of things you’d each like to do in your lives and then share them and see where your interests align and plan from there. You could even take the opportunity to have some serious discussions about getting married, starting a family, getting a pet, moving somewhere new, or making some other significant changes in your lifestyle as a pair. A picture containing sky, sunset, outdoor, sun

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As you can see, there are all sorts of interesting ways to enjoy a quiet Valentine’s Day together at home. Some other ideas to keep in mind include teeing up a movie marathon, sitting around a fire and making smores and stargazing, dancing together, or composing a poem or letter, etc., for each other. 

Use your imagination and be open to trying new things and discovering more about yourself in a different way.

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