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Top 10 Street Appetizers in the City of Joy

Best Caterers in Kolkata, try up the best recipes from the home of food, and best of all recipes. The Kolkata Caterers try to keep their best on the serving trays as these things do have a taste of home for the Bengali consumers. Undoubtedly, it is junk food for the health-conscious people, but an emotion to food dwellers.

  1. Fuchka

The best caterers in Kolkata, do incorporate what is necessary for their wedding menu. Fuchka is one of those leading foods, which have accomplished itself from the start. A mouth-watering combination of tamarind and potato dripped inside a puri.

When it is about street foods exclusively with the best caterers in  Kolkata, the first and foremost thing that comes to anyone’s mind is fuchka. The golgappa has a mashed potato stuffing. Dazzled with pudina with pickled water and the typical flavor of Kolkata Caterers makes it one of the best street foods. A wonderful combination for anyone to try and remember because the Kolkata caterers do curtail their trail of taste in it.

  1. Chur-mur

Chur-mur is basically a second most favourite dish of the Kolkata Caterers. Here, the taste and crust of puri are combined well with boiled potatoes which are diced and picked with tamarind water and dressing. The best caterers in Kolkata, often incorporate the same recipe for a pretty salad as well.

Kolkata Caterers, use it as a weapon for Bengali food lovers. As no one hates a good old plate of Chur-mur when it is about having the best street foods in the city. The plate is a must-have for anyone craving for something sweet as well as sour.

  1. Papri Chat

A must-have by the street chiefs of the Kolkata Caterers, but also a worthy starter for weddings these days. A favourite dish for the best caterers in Kolkata, especially when functioning with the Bengali food lovers. The papri’s made out of gram flour is used as the whole papad, that is dripped with curd. The tamarind sauce is combined with onions, potato, black pepper and chat masala. A worth remembering plate of wonders for people fond of sweet and sour appetizers.

  1. Dahi Vada

The Wada is made out of Dhuli Dal and tried in oil. Which is later, combined well with sweet dahi, a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of red chilli and jeera powder, which makes it similar to papri Chaat.Dahi vada is a love for South and North Indians. The North Indians favour this as lots and lots of coriander leaves. Which makes it one of the best street foods, and also to the best caterers in Kolkata.

  1. Vegetable Chop

The best caterers in Kolkata, use it as a food starter. Ethnic, and original with the Caterers in Kolkata. But this is mostly a vegetarian dish at Weddings. The chop is coated with breadcrumbs which have a red filling made out of potato, beetroot, beans, peas and carrots. Which is served with a spicy mustard sauce, known as “Kasondi”.

  1. Beguni or Eggplant fries

Pieces eggplant pieces are drowned in the batter of gram flour powder (Besan). A cousin sister snack of vegetable chop, at Weddings and also streets. Then it is deep-fried in sunflower or soybean oil. 

  1. Piyazi

Caramelized onions, dipped in the batter of chickpeas flour (Gram flour), turmeric, salt and water. This can be cooked either way, as a beautiful batter of cooked onions, or sliced raw onions too. The fritter is a must-have street favourite for the best caterers in Kolkata.

  1. Alur chop

Mashed potato stuffing, drowned in gram flour and fried exactly like Beguni. It is a beautiful combination of potato and flour that goes in the mouth and loses right there. Usually, served alongside a plate of green salad or even the bong favourite, “Muri” or puffed rice.

  1. Bread Pakora

People, who love binging street foods by the Kolkata Caterers, must have tried a bread pakora at least once. The concoction is somewhat similar to a sandwich, which is later fried with the batter of gram flour. The best caterers in Kolkata, usually keep this with sweet and sour tomato ketchup.

  1. Chai

Who hates tea right? The bong cup of tea is worth remembering in every possible way. The taste is dazzled with good old Darjeeling tea or even Assam tea.

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