Top 7 Sneaky Ways to Look Slimmer in Swimwear

Your head will spin at the many fun and stylish swimsuits out there. You might think that you need to have a fit and sexy body to look awesome in one. It is an erroneous belief since you don’t need a perfect body to rock in a swimsuit. If you are on the heavy side, there are plus size swimwear options in an array of designs that can satisfy your style.

You may want to take it further by utilising the following tricks to make you look even slimmer. You have the freedom to look fantastic and awesome by the pool or on the beach regardless of your body type. Just make the right choice!


When choosing a swimsuit with line designs, select a pattern that flatters your figure. The belief that horizontal lines make you look fatter has been debunked. Studies reveal that thick vertical lines make a person appear larger than they are.

Make sure you choose a tasteful design that flatters you. Look for line patterns that are flattering on your curves. You may want to choose a design with stripes on the bottom and a solid monochrome top. It creates a slimming effect and the illusion of a narrower waist. You will find that there are plenty of plus size swimwear designs that utilise these designs. It has the added benefit of a fabric made with state-of-the-art technology. You will find that this swimwear is flattering and contours to your body shape.

Wide-brimmed hat

A fashionable wide-brimmed hat can help lead the eye away from your body. The hat becomes the main focus. Additionally, it protects you from dangerous UV rays. You can sashay down the beach with no worries.

Faux tan

Applying a faux tan can make you instantly toner and slimmer. You will be amazed at the results. Applying a faux tan has always been a trick used extensively in the fashion world by models. Make sure you choose a high-quality brand. Some faux tans tend to turn orange over time. You don’t want your skin to be a weird colour on the beach.

Avoid big prints

If you’re a fashionista with a big personality, you probably enjoy fun prints. But when it comes to a flattering swimsuit, your best option is to go for smaller prints than large ones. Supersized flowers and geometric shapes will make you look bigger. Choose smaller prints such as polka dots for a fun vintage vibe.

Dark bathing suits

Dark bathing suits are similar to the little black dress. Keep in mind that dark colours are extremely slimming. Black and navy-blue monochromes are top choices that give a reliable thinning effect.

Put on a lightweight wrap

If you want to completely hide those little flaws but still want to give off a sexy vibe, you may want to put a wrap to good use. It is your best friend on the beach. You’ll find that there are stunning options on the market. There are plenty of prints and patterns to choose from. You have all the freedom to follow your style.

Wear an updo

It helps create a slimmer effect when you wear your hair up with your swimsuit. It reveals your neck, which creates a longer and leaner illusion. You can choose from sporty updos or easy top knots. These are flattering on your beach body.

Don’t be afraid to rock a swimsuit this summer. There are plenty of choices that can help you look stunning. Enjoy every activity on the beach, from partying to swimming. Level up your look by choosing swimwear that is stylish and comfortable.

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