What To Expect At A Drug Treatment Center

There are a lot of things that can keep people from seeking help from Recovery Corps Los Angeles or another treatment facility. Sometimes it may be the stigma of needing help to break an addiction. Other times you might feel that it is just a waste of time. But most of the time people do not seek help is because they are afraid of the unknown. They just do not know what to expect when they first enter the center. Most of the time you want to know before making that decision. So here are some things that you can expect when you first enter the center.

Intimidation is the last thing the staff and helpers want for you are a drug recovery center. They are just as serious about you beating the addiction as you are.

  • The first thing you can expect is to have to check-in. This is the first step to getting help. You will need to provide the center with detailed information about your addiction and concerns so they can develop the right treatment plan for you. The average length of time for a stay is up to 90 days. But that time depends on how much you need.
  • The next thing to expect is to go through a detoxification program. This is the period of time when the drugs and alcohol are removed from your system. This can the hardest part of the program for some as their bodies adjust to the various stages of being without the chemicals. But there are people there to help you through the entire process.
  • Therapy is the next part of your stay. It is during this time that you will receive personalized help to take a good look at yourself. You will see who you are for the first time and what it will take to make you into the person you want to be. The biggest challenge to therapy is learning new skills. These are skills that will help you start your life over as you step into a new world without dragging down the feeling of drugs and alcohol.
  • As you near the end of your stay you will be given an aftercare plan. This is where your counselor and you will put together the tools that you need to engage back into social life and avoid the dangers of triggers that can pull you back into the addiction lifestyle. You will learn how to live a sober life.
  • You will also be trained on how to say no to certain triggers and offers that people on the outside world may throw your way. Most of the time they mean well, but they do not know what you have been through to beat the harmful cycle of addiction.

Living and suffering under the weight of addiction are life-threatening. It is vital that you get the help you need to regain control of your life. You will find that life without the addiction is so much better than living under the control of a chemical substance.

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