Everything About Holy Cards For Funerals

A funeral is an event that marks the celebration of the life of the loved one who is no longer with you. It is the time when you need to realise how important that person was in your life. Whether you are planning for funeral wishes for a funeral tribute for your loved one, you can go for any options that suit you the best. There are memorial packages,  life story tributes and many other options to celebrate the beginning of their new life somewhere else. There is always room for flexibility if you want to do something innovative for the deceased. This is the time when the holy cards for funerals come into the picture. These are also known as memorial cards which are often used as meaningful keepsakes cards and are distributed at the memorial services.

These cards include basic information of the person who has died. The best part is that you can easily slip the holy cards for funerals into a book for the wallet. These cards are a symbol of a special bond and a memory of the loved one.

Types of Memorial Cards

Folded Memorial Cards

There are many types of holy cards for funerals. Just like the memorial folder, but tiny in size, this is one of the memorial cards which can be personalized in different ways. Folded Memorial cards are typically used at visitations, memorial, and funeral homes. You can easily send a folded memorial holy card as an invitation to the funeral or the memorial service. These kinds of cards make sure to include the service information of the memorial homes.

Memorial Prayer Cards

These are the holy cards that are rooted in the Catholic faith tradition. These are also known as the prayer cards and are one of the most common memorial cards. These types of holy cards include a religious symbol, personal information, prayer and all the other things about the person who has died. People mourning for the loss may also use them as a reminder to pray for the family of the person who has died or keepsakes.

Memorial Bookmarks

Memorial bookmark is just as it sounds. It is basically a bookmark with the photograph of the person who has died. It also consists of the birth and death date. You can easily include a favourite poem, script for reading or an inspirational quote to customise it. This bookmarks can be used as a reminder to pray for the family or for the loved one who is no longer with you. These are similar to the memorial prayer cards.

Acknowledgement Cards

These are once again very common in the memorial service process. Throughout the entire process, family and friends take on roles and responsibility to help the grieving family. After the process, the family may want to thank the ones who went above and beyond for the support. For this purpose, these might be sent to someone who sent sympathy for flowers or said something particularly very kind and meaningful. Acknowledgement cards come into the picture at the point of time when you want to express gratitude for the guests who came into the funeral on the memorial services to help you out and stay with you.

It is quite obvious that every funeral home offers memorial stationery. The holy cards come under the memorial stationery that is offered at memorial homes. You can easily choose the items which you will like to use in the funeral services. It is up to you to do something which helps you create a personalized, healing and meaningful experience to comfort you and your family. It’s time to bring peace to the memory of the loved ones. Talk to each other about what you need and work together for a perfect final tribute to your loved ones.

It’s time for you to talk about and celebrate the funerals instead of grieving and whining. Funerals play an important role in the lives of the people and you can make it amazing with the help of the holy cards for funerals.

Celebrate the lives of your loved ones by paying an amazing tribute to them!

Happy Funeral Services!

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