Here are Five Tips to Improve the Math Fluency of Kids

I’m terrible at math! Do you know any kids who think this way? Math fluency refers to the confidence level in math, and many kids struggle with it in their K-12 years. The good news is that you can help your child become more fluent in math, both in terms of comfort and performance level. With these five tips, you’ll be able to boost your child’s confidence and make math more enjoyable!

1) Complete a large number of practice problems.

Practice is important when it comes to mastering math. It’s no secret that without practising or doing problems, students will likely forget what they learned in class and be unprepared for tests. So encourage your child to do practice problems and get help when needed, so that he can start each school year confident in his math abilities. 

2) Consider your outcomes.

Just as your child needs to develop math fluency, you’ll also want them to have strong math thinking skills. A lot of kids are scared of or have anxiety around numbers and equations, and that can make learning difficult. One solution is to stop asking your kids questions about their math homework when they’re first learning it—or at least not every single time. Instead, ask them once or twice per week what they’ve learned, how they think about problems now, and what makes sense in their head versus on paper. 

3) Seek early math assistance if necessary.

If your child is struggling in math, seek help as soon as possible. Many schools have free math tutoring programs available. Look for fun online math tutoring services to get personalised solutions for your child. Even if an early intervention doesn’t improve your child’s grades right away, these services will give them time to build confidence with numbers before they reach high school and must master more difficult concepts.

4) Use smartphone apps for practice or games.

If the child is just not good at math, try many different approaches, and find the best method for improving in math, be it by using an app on his smartphone. These apps are inexpensive and can easily be used as practice tools or games. If your child is struggling with math, give some math apps a try! You’ll find that kids tend to do their homework without being reminded when they see their homework on their phones!

5) Keep trying!

The best way to improve your math fluency is by practising. Keep trying—don’t get discouraged! Understand what you didn’t do well and how you can improve next time. Whether it’s studying for tests or working through a difficult assignment, there are many ways for kids to practice their math skills and improve their overall understanding of math concepts. Practice makes perfect.


Practice does make perfect, which means it’s never too early (or late) to start working on math fluency. Of course, it may take time for your child to master each concept or equation—but learning math is an ongoing process that never stops. By focusing on these five tips, you can help your child become an expert in no time!

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