3 Reasons Why Page Speed Is Critical To Small Business

You have heard about how important a website is, even if you only own a small business. If you have a website, a critical aspect you should focus on will be website speed. Website speed is the time it will take your site to load fully. Overall, users expect a website to load within several seconds. If it takes longer, some users will quit and put their attention elsewhere. This article will discuss why page speed has an impact on a business.

Speed Is No Longer a Preference But An Business Expectation

Modern-day users will not wait for a long time for a website to load. The online world moves lightning-fast, and a site that takes 8 seconds to load will seem like an eternity.

Website users are more demanding. Previously fast websites were a luxury; now, it is a requirement. If your users visit your website and find that it is not loading quickly, not only will they leave, but it will likely turn them off, causing them never to return.

According to statistics, nearly 47% of consumers expect a two-second page load or even less. After this, many of them will be leaving, and the number of users who leave will grow until no one is staying around for the site to load.

Your Business Website Speed Impacts Your Google Rankings

Google has announced that website speed will affect rankings. They are working on their algorithm to make it more mobile-centric. Thus, if your website is slow, it will turn off potential consumers. As a result, your website might get penalized by Google and placed lower in rankings.

Another adverse effect of this phenomenon is that it will send your website into a downward spiral. Google observes when a user clicks on the website and stays for a period, it signals them that the website provides relevant and quality content. Google is likely to boost its rankings as a result. Google has confirmed that they are checking user signals to judge rankings. But when it observes that visitors of a website are quickly clicking off, it takes a long time to load. Google will lower the site’s ranking. 

Website Speed Has a Direct Impact On Conversion Rates And ROI 

Overall, your websites should result in profits. Websites are costly to build and maintain. There is no point in creating one if it doesn’t help your business grow. Almost every website is made with the goal of profitability. But if your website is slow, the dip in traffic discussed earlier can result in a considerable impact on revenue.

Your website needs to be fast, or else it won’t be doing its job, increasing your profits. Page speed upgrades are a complex process that should be done with the help of a developer. Page speed results from numerous factors and is often complicated enough to diagnose.

Page speed is critical to the performance of your website and, by extension, your business. People rely on the Internet to check information on products and services. Provide a stress-free user experience by improving the page speed of your website to create a domino effect that will result in better ROI.

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